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Ankita Kulkarni

Ankita is an experienced teacher in practical frontend development. I cover everything from getting a job as a Frontend Developer to becoming really good at it. She is an educator, developer and a senior engineering leader.

Whether you're trying to transition into a software developer role, learning the ropes, or want to know how to level up your skills, check out her channel!

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Build and Deploy a Full Stack AI Todoist Clone: Next.js, Convex & TypeScript
In this 7 hour tutorial, you will learn how to create an end-to-end full stack Todoist clone, with AI features to help you organize and suggest missing items in your list with adding, deleting tasks, authentication, search using Zod, Next.js, Convex, React, Next.js Auth V5 i.e. Auth.js, Google Sign in, ShadCN UI library, React hook forms, TypeScript, OPenAI, TailwindCSS and more.
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Ankita Kulkarni
a month ago