Build a Reactive Backend for a Web App
Convex is a JS-powered database and backend for web apps that’s reactive — you can use it to create endpoints and queries that update automatically when data changes. Tom Ballinger will teach us how.
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Tom Ballinger
4 months ago
End-to-End Encryption with Convex
Implementing end-to-end encryption on top of Convex to build a secret-sharing app.
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Lee Danilek
in 9 hours
Using Dall-E from Convex
Use Convex to fetch an image from OpenAI’s image generation service based on a user-provided prompt.
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Ian Macartney
2 days ago
Building a Multiplayer Game
Building multiplayer games requires a lot of synchronization logic and event systems. However, using Convex, we get a lot of this for free! Follow along here as we build a complex multiplayer game on Convex, leveraging its reactive-by-default queries, transactional mutations, backend storage, and scheduled functions.
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Ian Macartney
3 days ago
Implementing Upvoting 4 Ways on Convex
Implementing an "upvote" feature 4 ways with Convex.
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Kate Rudolph
23 days ago
Implementing Presence with Convex
Some patterns for incorporating presence into a web app leveraging Convex, and sharing some tips & utilities I built along the way.
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Ian Macartney
24 days ago
Building an Application Portal on Convex
Working with Convex has made our development workflow so much more streamlined—we no longer have to worry about the complexities of traditional frontend-backend communication, enabling us to build out the core of our new application portal at a blazing-fast speed.
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Web Development at Berkeley
2 months ago
Managing Reactivity with useBufferedState
Reactivity has taken a dominant position today within web app development. Our components and app state are all reactive, and the world has adapted–most would argue, for the better. But has Convex gone too far? 😉 A new generation of serverless backends like Convex is recklessly spreading reactivity across our databases, server-side functions, and protocols, making global reactivity a new phenomenon. Shared global data is becoming reactive by default. Is this good for the world? In this video, Jamie Turner explores one circumstance where this pervasive reactivity poses a challenge, and he builds one useful abstraction for taming over-reactivity and turning it back into a strength.
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Jamie Turner
5 months ago
Intro to Convex Query Performance
How do I ensure my Convex database queries are fast and efficient? When should I define an index? What is an index? This document explains how you should think about query performance in Convex by describing a simplified model of how queries and indexes function.
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Alex Cole
7 months ago
Backend Matters (Making Fast5 #2)
Why does anything really need to run on the server anymore? And even if it does, do I, the developer, need to be so involved? Yes! Even in a serverless world, the backend computing context being a real, discrete environment that you have control and influence over is not only necessary but hugely beneficial.
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Jamie Turner
7 months ago
Local and Remote State (Making Fast5 #1)
While making Fast5, Convex's wordle-style multiplayer racing game, we ran into several interesting challenges. This week, let's dig into managing the combination of local and global state.
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Jamie Turner
8 months ago
Introducing Fast5
At Convex, we're creating a platform for managing global state for web developers. Unsurprisingly, we've found one of the best ways to improve our platform is to actually build stuff with it!
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Jamie Turner
9 months ago
Building reactive web apps on Convex
Sujay (@sujayakar314) walks through how easy it is to build a dynamic web app with global state on Convex. Join the Convex beta at https://convex.dev.
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Sujay Jayakar
9 months ago