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Hassan El Mghari

I'm a software engineer specializing in full-stack AI applications using TypeScript, React, Next.js, and Node.js. The AI apps I've built in the past year have gotten a combined 2.5 million users between,,, and

I currently work in developer relations at This role is a mix of coding, marketing, and content creation; allowing me to combine my technical degree, startup marketing background, and communication skills.

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How I built NotesGPT – a full-stack AI voice note taking app
I recently built a full-stack app called notesGPT. It allows you to record a voice note, transcribes it, and extract action items and display them as action items. It’s fully open source and comes equipped with authentication, storage, vector search, action items, and is fully responsive on mobile for ease of use.
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Hassan El Mghari
2 months ago