Bright ideas and techniques for building with Convex.


4 Devs, 1 Idea, 4 Apps in 4 Hours(!!) with Convex
Using Convex, 4 web devs built their own fullstack app based on this prompt: > Build a way to show real-time updates on the website for a Dungeons and Dragons-themed small business! See what they built, learn how they did it, and watch their reactions to each other's work in this installment of the "4 Web Devs, 1 App Idea" video series.
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Jason Lengstorf
3 months ago
Implementing Upvoting 4 Ways on Convex
Implementing an "upvote" feature 4 ways with Convex.
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Kate Rudolph
a year ago
Implementing Presence with Convex
Some patterns for incorporating presence into a web app leveraging Convex, and sharing some tips & utilities I built along the way.
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Ian Macartney
a year ago
Managing Reactivity with useBufferedState
Reactivity has taken a dominant position today within web app development. Our components and app state are all reactive, and the world has adapted–most would argue, for the better. But has Convex gone too far? 😉 A new generation of serverless backends like Convex is recklessly spreading reactivity across our databases, server-side functions, and protocols, making global reactivity a new phenomenon. Shared global data is becoming reactive by default. Is this good for the world? In this video, Jamie Turner explores one circumstance where this pervasive reactivity poses a challenge, and he builds one useful abstraction for taming over-reactivity and turning it back into a strength.
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Jamie Turner
2 years ago