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Jason Lengstorf
5 months ago

4 Devs, 1 Idea, 4 Apps in 4 Hours(!!) with Convex

Using Convex, 4 web devs built their own fullstack app based on this prompt:

Build a way to show real-time updates on the website for a Dungeons and Dragons-themed small business!

See what they built, learn how they did it, and watch their reactions to each other's work in this installment of the "4 Web Devs, 1 App Idea" video series.

Featuring projects by:

Web Dev Cody

Anjana Vakil

Tom Ballinger

Jason Lengstorf

Build in minutes, scale forever.

Convex is the backend application platform with everything you need to build your project. Cloud functions, a database, file storage, scheduling, search, and realtime updates fit together seamlessly.

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