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Zero to One Hackathon Winners
Contestants have been hard at work with our Winter Hackathon that we ran with Devpost. In this post, we announce the winners and their prizes!
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Wayne Sutton
a month ago
4 Devs, 1 Idea, 4 Apps in 4 Hours(!!) with Convex
Using Convex, 4 web devs built their own fullstack app based on this prompt: > Build a way to show real-time updates on the website for a Dungeons and Dragons-themed small business! See what they built, learn how they did it, and watch their reactions to each other's work in this installment of the "4 Web Devs, 1 App Idea" video series.
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Jason Lengstorf
3 months ago
We Hosted a Hackathon for a Notion Clone
We hosted a hackathon for building features on top of a Notion clone created by CodeWithAntonio. Here are the results.
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Wayne Sutton
4 months ago
Convex Build Bounty: Build new Jotion features, win cash prizes!
Learn how you can win cash prizes for building features on an open-source Notion clone.
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Wayne Sutton
5 months ago